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When you find yourself in a financial pickle and unable to handle your monthly debits and expenses, the only thing to do is seek out debt counselling. Of course you can try cut back on unnecessary expenses, but sometimes we are faced with the reality that we just aren’t able to cope.

Debtcor is a company that is able to assist if you find yourself in this type of situation. A bad credit loan from Debtcor will ensure that you are able to pay off your expenses and avoid being black listed or handed over to debt collectors.

A bad credit loan is a means of consolidating all your debt into one expense account. Before this can be done you will need to meet with a debt counsellor who will go over your monthly expenses with you and evaluate your financial situation. Once this is done a payment schedule will be drawn up on your behalf and presented to your creditors.

Your debt counsellor will negotiate better pay back and interest rates and once an amount is decided on, an agreement will be signed between you and the creditor. Once all your creditors have been approached and are on board, a loan will be made in your name and distributed amongst the creditors.

While this will settle your outstanding bills, you will still owe the debt counselling company a fixed monthly payment to cover the loan. This will usually be more affordable than the total monthly sum of your existing expenses.

Debtcor is made up of a team of experienced and qualified debt counsellors who want nothing more than to assist their clients to get back on their feet and gain control of their financial futures.

If you need assistance in obtaining a well priced bad credit loan, then take the time to contact Debtcor. They will ensure that you are provided with wealth of related information and advice. Waste no more time – make that call today.  


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